Cure for asthma

Asthma is a chronic condition whose symptoms can be controlled with the right treatment and lifestyle. A cure for asthma is still under research.

Sometimes children with asthma can outgrow their symptoms, and sometimes asthma may disappear after many years of regular treatment with anti-inflammatory medicines. However, asthma may recur later in life. You may think that your asthma has been cured if you have not had symptoms for a long time, but your asthma may return, especially if you are exposed to triggers or respiratory infections.

Occasionally, in people with specific reactions to known allergens, allergy vaccination can block asthma, but unfortunately it is not useful for most people.

Although a cure does not yet exist, research on new therapies continues throughout the world .

Collaboration between healthcare providers, researchers and patients to improve knowledge on asthma

A tight collaboration between patients, healthcare providers and researchers is a pillar of the growth of clinical evidence on asthma management. Indeed, thanks to the constant collaboration with patients, researchers can collect and analyse data from real life patients’ experiences. Furthermore, patients who agree to participate in clinical studies to test the efficacy of new or existing treatments enable science to progress for the benefit of all patients with asthma.

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